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I'm not sure how much I'm gonna be posting here, I mean, these days I hardly have anything great to write :(

Unfortunately, but I came back on to join some communities and post comments and join discussion posts.

Is this seeking refuge on the net? LOL

I feel sorry for my eyes, I am forming eyebags, which is bad because my eyes are probably one of the things i like most about my features..


What's been happening these days.

I've discovered that when I'm seriously tired I type all sloppy and weird, and it's kinda like that now except i'm fixing up most of the typos.

I was thinking about pet fish lately...

Hmm, should I?


Ayyy girll.

Guys, I'm so scared of letting myself like anyone these days. It freaks me out so much, I can't even.

You know when you just want to run and hide somewhere? Yeah like that.

They say it's good to move on, but this is just scary. 

I don't want to talk about this anymore, it's scary D':
Some of them are shocking really, while some are really amazing/nice/pretty and pretty much flawless.

I'd say I just love Sunny's one, it's very cool huh.

The only ones that really stood out to me were Sunny's, Sooyoung's and Yoona's.

Sooyoung's was just gorgeous, and Yoona's was interesting. The again, this girl makes everythign look good tbh ._.

As of today~~

I have not learnt a single thing about Windows computers and all I did was write on lj.
Anyway, I'll be back on sometime soon hopefully to write more.
Taste it y'all! The winds of change. Time goes by way too fast, I wonder how things will be next year? It all seems to shift around each year afterall, nothing really stays the same. Everything I secretly long for can stay locked away until someday when they come true, then I can say them out loud. You know, incase you jinx yourself by asking for them and then they end up never coming to you.

Writer's Block: Love hurts

What’s the best way to mend a broken heart?
What do you do?
I don't have a clue for this one, but we all know the phrase time heals everything.

Maybe look at things exactly the way they are, so you know exactly what it is you're going through.
Understanding what the circumstances are might help you to slowly let it go. By slowly it can mean years. Forgive yourself, forgive the other person and forgive life for being an asshole. Also remind yourself that just one other person cannot have power enough to kill you, your heart may be battered, but there's still a tomorrow.
Or maybe not so rare.. depending on yourself.

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Or why you changed from what you were? Or how you're going to change to be what you want to be?

You know, I hate it when people who are doing better than me say to me, especially when they use that fake enthusiastic tone, "Oh I know you can do it!" I guess it's because you didn't know me before high school. To you, I'm a slow climber, behind you, struggling to get higher on that competitive mountain. But, you don't know who I was before this. Somewhere along the road from when I was born to now, I lost myself. I gave on up something and I'm not sure what it was.

But now I want it back. Who cares anyway if I have to start all over again.

It's been too long actually.

I'm gonna start using live journal because I feel like otherwise I don't have any motivation to write.
Maybe this might help me, cos I've had a lot of ideas to write, but really I'm not the type to post them online, so this is just a lournal thing. My real works I keep to myself~

So I'm writing this post from this Toshiba laptop that I have only used a few times before. It's really uncomfortable because I'm so used to Mac Books and all the short cuts. I'm resisting the urge to just get up and go on my Mac Book, but I'm tryign to learn how to use this properly because i've heard that Window can actually do a lot more than Macs.

However, I'm finding it really hard to use this, it's so stange to me.