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Day in the CITY

Just got home from the city :D It was fun, not extremely fun, but tiring for sure ;__; . .  BUT FUN

I'm so tired now, my feet hurt and my legs hurt... but on the bright side I got my Christmas shopping kinda done :)
Took the cityrail (ugh) in the morning, first thing went into the X-Wing store cos mother had some bizz to take care off, then went shopping in Market City!! :D


PHO adjasfhakjja. We spent ages in Morning Glory too looking at stuff for my friends... 
Then we went Lucky Thai store to look at some DVDS to watch and turns out they changed the name of my fav sitcom and added new people.. so yeah, but I'll see if its still fun when I watch it (I'm sure it is), apart from that they had KDrama too, but I hate Thai dubs O_O so awkward. 

Anyways, at least it was kinda fun day and got to get out, thats a good thing, so I don't become a no-life person... 

LOL I love my mum, seriously we had this funny conversation which made me crack up loudly in public.. so there was this kid crying and asking this dad for this toy, and his dad kept saying no, so then I was asking my mum if I was like that too, but she said she even tried to force to me get something but I never wanted anything when I went shopping. /ahem, hasn't changed/ The way she said it was hilarious haha 


Not really. 

But its so boring...

So I kinda cleaned up my room yesterday, but I need to do more. MOAR. 
This is my to do list for now:

- Clean room
- Move new mattress
- Clean the whole house
- Go Christmas shopping... *
- Practice more guitar
- Practice more dance

* This is sad, cos all my friends bought presents for each other and gave them out on the last day of school.. I'm the only one who hasn't >_>

Had a little bit of a heated discussion with a friend last night, you know? took a step into the GIRL WORLD. 
I have never been so dumbfounded in my life, she had stuff to say about me that almost made me faint,
the irony? Those things were exactly what I thought of her, omgosh. But then my other friend came to comfort and
she gave me the most wisest advices ever, so that stopped my contemplating whether to make her pay for it or just let her off :D




Home from school now, but getting ready because its the school award ceremony tonight at 7pm, and I have to go back to school and sit down and watch them say boring stuff and get my award/s of which I am looking forward to finding what for :)

I can't really be stuffed, but like.. I should be proud cos I'm one of those getting an award, so. . /switches on celebration mood.


There's two days left of school before end of year holidays and I can feel the freedom already~~ 
Isabella and I were just dancing around to Oh! All over the school <3
Singing songs out loud at lunch and so on <3


Today it was the first day I have EVER watched/listened to F.cuz!! I didn't even know any of their names and what not, but I came across their latest video "Wanna Be Your Love" and when Yejun did his first part, I said "awwww!!!" and fangirled LOL

I didn't even know his name anyway, but I really loved this video, it was just so cute even if it was just lame dancing in front of lame set, and so I watched their other songs and I gotta admit I like Wanna Be Your Love and Jiggy best :) Oh, and Kan is unf XD LeeU is really cute too <3 I know all their names now and I'm more interested in them now!! 

IIIIIIIH This song is sooo cute T_T THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE. Okay.. taking my fangirling elsewhere...

And amazingly, NO! The clothing did not bother me at all!! hahaha


 Hello reader, some here may know me as afternoonglory from twitter 8D

I was supposed to make a livejournal like, a few thousand years ago? but being as I am, I has procrastinated on a different level. 
Anyways, its about 9:15pm in Sydney as I write this, and uh, yeaahrr, my first post on livejournal! :) /banjjak banjjak confetti flying everywhere

I've yet to make more posts and make friends here, hoho looking forward ;) 

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